7-Day Reset


This 7-Day Reset is designed to help you feel your best.



Health-destructive dietary and lifestyle choices, so prevalent in our culture today, are what have led us into the era of modern disease – an era of obesity, heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. About half of all adults in the US have one or more chronic health conditions, while one in four adults have two or more of these conditions.

It is a sad irony that the common killers are not only among the most devastating diseases, both physically and financially, but are also the most preventable by relatively simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

The good news? Your body has a remarkable ability to repair and regenerate itself when given the right fuel and tools to do so. In truth, your body is a near perfect machine. Would you expect your car to run well if you mixed in sand with your gasoline? Obviously not! The sand would clog the fuel filters and lead to an engine that won’t run. This, in essence, is what we’re faced with today: simply the wrong fuel.

This program was designed to help remove the major toxins while adding in that right fuel and those right tools – namely nutrient-dense foods.


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