If you’re a woman, don’t do the keto diet

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Keto for Women

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      Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Jessica Pantermuehl has been featured in:

      Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Jessica Pantermuehl has been featured in:

      It’s no surprise that keto is the most popular diet.

      This high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet is tremendously effective for melting weight off quickly.

      When you follow a keto diet, your body no longer has the option to use sugar and carbs as its primary source of energy. As a result, it reaches into its own fat cells and starts burning fat for fuel instead. 

      The result? Fast weight loss, which is why the keto diet has spread like wildfire.

      However, the traditional keto diet can be harmful for a woman’s delicate hormone balance, which can result in sabotaged progress… and sabotaged health!

      Women Need a Different Approach to Keto!

      The foods that are commonly eaten as part of the “traditional” keto diet, such as massive quantities of cheese and other dairy products, processed meats, protein bars, and many packaged “keto treats” are inflammatory to the body and can be disruptive to a women’s delicate hormone balance. 

      This can result in things like: 

      – Increased pain and inflammation 

      – Increased breakouts 

      – Moodiness and fatigue

      – Painful menstrual cycles

      – Stalled progress and decreased health

      That’s why I’ve created a clean, low-inflammation approach to the keto diet for women.

      Hi, I'm Jessica.

      I’m a functional nutritional therapy practitioner and a board certified holistic health coach and have worked both in private practice and as Head of Nutrition Counseling for a Los Angeles-based medical center. For the past decade, I’ve helped women lose weight without feeling deprived or throwing their metabolisms out of whack.

      Keto is the most powerful diet I’ve found to help my clients lose weight, increase energy, and get clear, glowing skin but the “traditional” keto diet can be problematic for women in a variety of ways.

      That’s why, after years of seeing what works best and what doesn’t, I’ve created a “clean” version of keto to make it safer, healthier, and more effective for women. 

      I’ve compiled everything you need to know to get started in my free, 5-day video series. 

      I can’t wait for you to watch it!

      Jessica Pantermuehl, FNTP, CHHC

      Founder, Eat Clean with Jessica

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